Personalized Travel Preparation

Personalized Travel Preparation

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Ethnic Ties focuses on preparing you before journeying to your international destination. We provide basic language development and cultural education locally, giving you the opportunity to save money, time and stress and making your trip more productive, authentic and comfortable. Having the basics of the local language enables you to have the independence in creating organic relationships and to dive more into the local culture, which we believe is the most sustainable, ethical and enjoyable way to travel.

We know that you are busy as you prepare for international travel so we offer online as well as personalized options in Portuguese, Spanish and French, the native languages of popular destinations like Brazil, Cuba and many parts of West Africa and the Caribbean. Ethnic Ties provide this fundamental service to travel agencies, tour operators and to you, the traveler directly. We will love to customize your trip preparation and create:

+customized language support workshops for basic conversational skills in Portuguese, French, Spanish (with additional resources in Spanish, Japanese, Swahili and Twi)

+itinerary development & suggestions for lodging and activities

+support in budgeting

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