5- Week Group Lessons

5- Week Group Lessons


Spanish, Portuguese, French

mucho gusto, muito prazer, enchanté!

In these introductory 5-week classes, students will learn survival language skills, including introductions, navigating transportation and commerce.  Through mixed media including film, music and cultural exploration, students will ease the effects of culture shock by learning what to expect.  Class topics include:

1. Personal introductions

2. Survival Spanish, French or Portuguese

3. Basic grammar structure

4. Intro to local culture (including typical celebrations, national/ local interests)

5. Samples of typical meals and snacks

Group lessons are in bundles of 5-week classes, including one group class and another individual check-in with a native speaker per week. Classes range from two to ten participants, giving you the ability to learn in a supportive environment with other members. Each group is unique, so while topics for this class are pre-planned, we focus on the needs of each class and love to create customized lesson goals for your group.  In addition to class attendance, members are expected to develop their independent language skills through homework including language CDs, various forms of media, reading and writing exercises due weekly.  One cultural outing (depending on availability) is included. Workbook and materials are NOT included, and can be found here. We will use Muito Prazer: Fale O Portugues do Brasil - Caderno (Em Portugues do Brasil (2012)

*Price includes the entire 5-week bundle and cultural outing (maximum value of $20 per person)

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