We are a travel company specializing in pre-departure preparation so you can have an authentic and comfortable travel experience. Save time, stress and money by preparing for your solo or group travel before you leave, with customized language and travel consulting

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Why Ethnic Ties?


Traditional language classes and travel agencies can be costly, creating an access barrier for many people. For this reason, Ethnic Ties offers affordable group and private support, expanding access to those in need of language and travel services.  With people in mind, we value human relations and community over profit. 


Ethnic Ties makes it our mission to provide you with the most relevant information for your travels. Whether you are taking group or private journeys, we tailor our offerings to meet the particular needs of our members. You are the expert in your own experiences so we create experiences with your uniqueness in mind.


We create enjoyable, ethnical and sustainable ways to travel, focused on the most important part of travel: connecting locally. We provide the language basics of your destination as well as culturally-based country studies, giving you the confidence and independence to connect with local people and culture, creating an exchange over a one-sided travel experience.


Want to Work with Us?

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